Alliances, Joint Ventures
and Partnerings

We are proponents of
the use of Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerings to generate competitive advantage.

We've been using and ecouraging others to use these devices well before they became trendy. We have developed proven techniques for building them, benefiting from their advantages, and avoiding their disadvantages.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we do it, ask for our Free "Deadly Dozen Common Alliance and Partnering Mistakes."

Or better yet, get a copy of "Corporate Partnering - A How-To Handbook" by Curt Sahakian. A practical 296 page handbook on forming Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Partnerings. See the description below.

Corporate Partnering
A How-To Handbook
(detailed table of contents)

  • Includes over 100 partnering examples
  • How to use 25 basic partnering agreements and 10 basic partnering structures
  • 7 funding techniques, 8 ways to handle deadlocks, the 5 basic buy/sell structures
  • The "Deadly Dozen" most dangerous mistakes
  • How to use a unique tool called a "deal sheet" - a tool that walks you step-by-step through the deal formulation process. You won't find this anywhere else!
  • What the National Review of Corporate Acquisitions has to say about it:"...a concrete, practical, step-by-step guide...over 100 partnering examples... explains how to use 25 basic partnering agreements...outlines the value and use of 'deal sheets'..."

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