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Whenever practical, we prefer to do transactional work on a fixed fee quote basis. Here is our philosophy on why we do business this way.

One of the functions of most contracts is the allocation of risks between the parties. When each side accepts responsibility for those risks it is best able to control... the total amount of risk to be born by all minimized.

One risk all clients face when hiring a lawyer on an hourly basis, is the risk of cost overruns. Clients are less able than their lawyers to look out ahead to see where and how costs can get out of control.

We've done enough deals to accept and manage the risk of cost overruns without really putting ourselves at much risk. If it isn't a lot of risk for us, and we can mange the risk, why shift the risk to the client?

We've developed a methodology for doing this. We typically start with a short consultation to assess the situation. We then quote a fee for developing a deal sheet (a map of the deal that permits a business person to sit back and see all the moving parts).

Once we develop the deal sheet we can typically identify segments of a transaction and give fixed cost quotes for those segments.

We've even developed specific formulas for the following types of partnering agreements that have been published as the "CPI Legal Fee Guidelines for Key Partnering Agreements": Deal Sheets, Marketing Agreements, Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, Technology Agreements, Manufacturing Agreements, Supply Agreements, Outsourcing Agreements, Facilities Management Agreements, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Proprietary Rights Agreements, employee and non-employee non-compete agreements,

We know what we are doing and are sure-footed about doing it. We can keep your costs low and predictable without putting ourselves at risk. If you need help, contact us and ask how we may help.


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